BTC Hits New 50k Record

btc news Feb 16, 2021

The $50,000 record pushes BTC up to 69% gains for the year. This comes on the heels of more institutional investing by big corporations such as BNY Mellon, Mastercard, Twitter, and Apple that we already discussed.

Another corporation, MicroStrategy, is planning on purchasing more bitcoin. The business intelligence company has 71,079 bitcoin currently, valued around $3.5 billion. The company wants to add another $690 million worth of bitcoin. To raise that capital, they will be using senior convertible notes that would be able to be converted to cash or shares.


A leading technology and financial services firm dedicated to Bitcoin, NYDIG* is hoping to add a bitcoin ETF to the New York Stock Exchange. It is yet another company seeking SEC approval. The full Form S-1 filing can be found here.


*NYDIG is the Bitcoin subsidiary of Stone Ridge, a $10 billion alternative asset manager. 


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