Visa and Paypal Crypto Updates

news short blog Feb 04, 2021

Visa has just launched its Visa Crypto APIs pilot program. This program will allow banks to trade cryptocurrencies. Digital bank First Boulevard is the first bank involved in the pilot with many others on the waitlist. Visa is partnering with Anchorage, the first national “digital asset bank” in the U.S., to offer this crypto capability. So far, Visa has issued bank cards with 35 different crypto firms, but this will be "the first time the company has offered crypto services to banks."


On Wednesday, Paypal had a very profitable Q4 earnings (triple from last year), thanks in part to the crypto services that were made available to U.S. users on November 12, 2020. CEO of PayPal, Dan Schulman, also announced plans to give 29 million merchants worldwide the ability to accept crypto payments. 


These two institutions are going to help drive adoption of crypto more and more. Stay tuned. 


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