EMAX: One Shot Wonder: A 477% Profit

Although it was only established in May of 2021, EMAX saw an exponential increase in value in less than a month's time. One of our research consultants, colloquially called our coach, made a buy for EMAX and profited 477%. Unfortunately, it has since plummeted in value and will not likely ever reach such hype again. The reason it was able to reach such a high-value price was because of a pump-and-dump scheme that saw multiple high-end celebrities promoting the cryptocurrency which inflated the value of the coin. With limited information provided about the coin, its development, and its creators, EMAX was and is a risky coin.


No information has been provided by the creator company as to its purpose. Any information available is listed on their website in very vague statements. In addition, the creator's history is shrouded in mystery with no information available about who created or manages the token. The explosion in value was only correlated to multiple high-end celebrities and events promoting the purchase and use of the token. When the Floyd Mayweather v. Logan Paul tickets went on sale May 26, 2021, the value of EMAX was at an all-time low; however, when it was announced that EMAX would be the only cryptocurrency allowed to purchase tickets to the fight, the value of the token increased by over 1,015%. Shortly thereafter, the value of the coin decreased continuously but had occasional spikes that correlated with specific events. On May 30, the token saw a spike after the EMAX founders hosted a live Q&A session. On the night of the Mayweather V. Logan Paul fight, June 6, EMAX saw another spike in value during the event with Mayweather wearing an EMAX shirt. On May 30 and June 14, Kim Kardashian West posted an advertisement post on her Instagram promoting the coin which then had another spike. It’s estimated that she was paid anywhere from $300,000-600,000. Numerous other celebrities including Tom Brady, Paul Pierce, French Montana, and the Mayor of Miami announced their involvement with the token. Despite all the endorsements from people of great fame, the token has continuously decreased in value and is only a small fraction of its all-time high value. 


The Fundamental Secrets program educates subscribers on the entire investment process and breaks it down into digestible parts while also providing additional resources and recommendations to help understand the material. In addition, they receive numerous other benefits such as access to the Fundamental Secrets Community where they can communicate with coaches and other subscribers to the program. A major advantage gained by subscribers is they will gain access to daily cryptocurrency market analysis where skilled analyzers break down the market and point out trends that traders may be interested in. These researches have predicted numerous successful calls on the market with the EMAX buy being one of the most successful. By paying close attention to the trends of the EMAX network and external factors related to it, they foresaw a tremendous opportunity that traders could capitalize on. Those who did saw an incredible 477%% profit of their initial investment. 


Disclaimer: This is NOT investment advice. The information and content provided are not and should not be construed as investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other kind of advice. Fundamental Secrets does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Invest at your own risk.

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