EMAX: One Shot Wonder: A 477% Profit

Although it was only established in May of 2021, EMAX saw an exponential increase in value in less than a month's time. One of our research consultants, colloquially called our coach, made a buy for EMAX and profited 477%. Unfortunately, it has since plummeted in value and will not likely ever reach such hype again. The reason it was able to reach such a high-value price was because of a pump-and-dump scheme that saw multiple high-end celebrities promoting the cryptocurrency which inflated the value of the coin. With limited information provided about the coin, its development, and its creators, EMAX was and is a risky coin.


No information has been provided by the creator company as to its purpose. Any information available is listed on their website in very vague statements. In addition, the creator's history is shrouded in mystery with no information available about who created or manages the token. The explosion in value was only correlated to multiple high-end celebrities...

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