VISR-ETH: A 260% profit

One of our research consultants, colloquially called our coach, made a buy for VISR back in April 2021 and in 7 days, our coach made a profit of over 260%. Visor (VISR) allows for customizability to optimize the liquidity that you are providing to an exchange. By setting customizable ranges, it relocates your crypto around to different pools for you, so you don't have to keep looking for where best to deposit. You can thus earn the greatest amount of profit while minimizing fees. In addition, it utilizes NFT Smart Vaults on UniSwap V3 which allows for safe interaction with smart contracts and external DeFi protocols. Users who put in their assets create liquidity for the market and are then rewarded with a liquidity provision fee due to this creating a market for other traders. A simplified analogy to this process is a person putting their money into a decentralized high compound interest savings bank account. The bank keeps your money secure, but you gain more interest from...

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